General information

  • What does ‘place request’ entail? #

    If you are looking for a specific batch of eggs, you can now place that request on Simply tick the boxes that match your request or select ‘no preference’.

  • Who can respond to my request? #

    Every registered EggsTrader-user can respond to your request. You decide whether or not to take an offer.

  • How do I respond to a request? #

    Click the blue button ‘place demand’ and proceed to the next steps. Please share the specifications of your eggs. Your offer will be visible to the requesting party, after which he can respond. After a deal is made, both parties will follow the standard buying procedure.

  • What happens if no one is interested in my offer? #

    If nobody is interested in your offer, your ad will be displayed on EggsTrader’s regular spot market. This way you will have a good chance of selling your batch of eggs.

  • How long will my request be displayed on EggsTrader? #

    You decide for how long your request is displayed on EggsTrader. Easily manage this in ‘My advertisements’.

  • Who is responsible for transportation when making a deal using ‘place demand’? #

    The buying party is responsible for transportation. Companies may choose to do this themselves or outsource the job to a logistics services company.

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