General information

  • How do I know where (geographically) the lot is offered? #

    In the advertisement you will see an ‘approximate distance’, for example “≈ 42 kilometres”. This wave sign stands for “approximately equal to” and thus indicates - fairly precisely - the distance between the location you entered and the seller. You can assume that this does not differ much from the precise actual location. This distance is calculated as the crow flies.

  • Who is responsible for the packaging? #

    Plastic trays

    If the eggs are delivered in plastic trays, the seller remains the owner of the trays and the accompanying items such as slip sheets and pallets. The buyer must keep these separate and keep them in the same condition. The buyer is responsible for returning these items in their original condition within 14 days after collection unless otherwise agreed in writing with the seller. If the packaging is returned too late, or not in full/original condition, costs may be charged to the buyer.

    Pulp trays

    The buyer is responsible for the removal/processing of the pulp packaging and the Euro pallets.

    The supplier is obliged to present the eggs on complete Euro pallets (parts of the pallet can not be missing).

    Please note: you do not receive any sort of deposit, so keep this in mind when determining your selling price.

  • What should I pay attention to with an advertisement from abroad #

    For the time being, you can only trade with countries that fall within the SEPA countries. Take a good look at the country of origin and where the eggs are located, this is clearly indicated by flags and when you view the details of the ad.

  • Confirm after receipt #

    After you have collected a batch of eggs, you have 48 hours to check it. The sooner you confirm that the party meets the set requirements, the faster we can proceed with payment. If the order does not meet requirements, please let us know.

    What we want to know:

    • do the numbers match up?
    • kilos of 1st and 2nd type of eggs, with or without a quality report

    If we do not receive a response after 48 hours, we will consider it as ‘approved’. The amount due will then also be transferred to the provider.

  • Who takes care of the transport? #

    The buyer is responsible for collecting a batch of eggs. This happens on a predetermined date.

    Available collection dates are determined by the provider, the customer then selects a suitable date.

  • Does EggsTrader protect my purchase? #

    With the EggsTrader Buyer Protection, EggsTrader protects your purchase. In the event that the provider does not agree with the quality determined by you, or if the batch of eggs does not meet the specifications as stated in the advertisement, you can count on our support. We help you find the right solution.

    If this does not work, we can provide a second opinion. We do this if the batch you purchased does not meet the criteria stated in the advertisement and/or doesn’t meet the general terms and conditions (including EU regulations). 

    Please contact EggsTrader within 48 hours after picking up the batch.

    The conclusion provided by this second opinion is binding.

    Two outcomes are possible:

    Customer is right:

    1. a correction is made for the batch. In the worst case, the eggs must be returned to the supplier
    2. the money parked is returned to the buyer
    3. the provider must pay the costs for the second opinion and the transport

    Provider is right:

    1. delivered batch matches details in advertisement and quality correctly falls under the specified ‘range’
    2. eggs stay with the buyer
    3. the parked money is still paid to the provider
    4. customer must pay the costs for the second opinion*

    (*EggsTrader reserves the right to charge a fee for administrative services)

    Please note: when you enter into a dispute, you must separate the total batch purchased. You cannot make any changes or process, sell or destroy the batch. Only then can a second opinion be carried out. If the party does not comply with the above, a second opinion cannot be provided. You are then liable for the cost of a second opinion and the parked money will be paid to the seller.

  • Can anyone trade on EggsTrader? #

    EggsTrader is in compliance with the European Union trading standards. This contains the conditions under which eggs may be traded and sorted. 

    You can read these EU trading standards here.

    Those who comply with these regulations can trade on In order to guarantee this, we carry out an extensive check of both the provider and the customer upon registration.

    Quality requirements and collection periods that apply to class A eggs can be found in the marketing standards. The conditions with regard to labelling and packaging can also be found there.

    As a poultry farmer you may only sell eggs from your own production line. If you want to buy eggs from third parties to resell them, you must register as a collector or packing station. 

    For more information about this, it is best to contact the relevant supervisor appointed by the government.

  • Am I still my own boss? #

    Yes, you always remain in charge of your eggs or funds. EggsTrader serves as an intermediary between two parties and facilitates the purchase process. We mediate and assist in the completion of the transaction. 

    If you have an agreement in place, you agree to the associated requirements, as stated in the general terms and conditions.

  • Why EggsTrader? #

    You choose EggsTrader because you want to do business freely and independently. We offer a large-scale supply of eggs and an expansive market. 

    EggsTrader is 100 percent safe. On you only do business with verified users. Upon registration, the identity and professionalism of every trader, processor and poultry farmer is thoroughly checked.

    This includes, among other things, a check on the accreditation as a trader/processor or poultry farmer, account number, check of the VAT number, proof of identity and a check of the extract from the Chamber of Commerce register.

    In a transaction, the supplier receives their money if the eggs have arrived with the buyer in good condition. Until then, EggsTrader will park the money of the provider in a third-party account. 

    Transparency, reliability and safety therefore always come first.

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