• What is Escrow? #

    Escrow means that the money is safely parked in a third-party account until both parties have indicated that the transaction was successful. The money is safe with a third party with a bank license obtained from the Dutch Bank.

  • What are EggsTrader rates based on? #

    A provider determines the price of the product themselves. This is the price that an interested buyer sees on the EggsTrader platform. 

    When a provider trades on, we charge a commission. This is not visible in the asking price for the buying party. 

    EggsTrader also asks a commission for the buyer. This is in addition to the asking price. This is clearly stated in the ad. 

    This commission is always a fixed amount: 

    € 0.075 per 100 eggs or € 0.0125 per kg

    The selling price of a batch of eggs includes several components:

    •     the price of an egg
    •     VAT (if applicable) 
    •     the EggsTrader committee

    The price stated in principal is the price you pay for the eggs. This includes EggsTrader commission and transaction costs.

  • How long does a transaction take? #

    Sellers have 10 hours (except Sunday) to confirm a transaction after you have purchased and paid for the batch. Good to know: we will park your money in a trust account for that long. 

    If the seller indicates that they cannot deliver, or if there is no response, you will be refunded the full amount. 

    If the seller fails to respond, the provider’s account will be (temporarily) inactive. More information? Please contact us:

  • How secure is prepayment? #

    Prepayments are 100 percent secure. Your money is parked in a trust account until the transaction is closed and the eggs have been collected. Only after a successful transfer is the money paid to the provider.

    We are committed to making a reliable place to trade eggs for everyone. The identity and professionalism of each individual trader, processor and poultry farmer is therefore thoroughly checked during registration. 

    This check includes a check on the VAT number, passport data and an extract from the trade register with the Chamber of Commerce. 

    We do everything we can to ensure that a transaction proceeds successfully and to your complete satisfaction.

  • Who takes care of the payment transaction? #

    Payments on go through an independent party with a license from the Dutch Central Bank. This complies with all laws and regulations for processing SEPA payment traffic, such as PSD2. 

    At no point in the transaction process does EggsTrader take possession of your money or goods.

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