• Where can I find the general terms and conditions? #

    Before creating an account, we ask you to read the general terms and conditions carefully. If you agree, you can get started on

    If you want to read the conditions again, go to the bottom of the black bar on the website. Or click here

  • Costs for using EggsTrader #

    An account on is completely free of charge, but in order to actually be able to buy and sell, we establish your identity. This costs a one-off € 69,-. We do this for both the supplier and the buyer. An external party checks your data.

    In addition, you pay a commission for each agreement. This commission is charged to both the provider and the customer:

    € 0.075 per 100 eggs


    € 0.0125 per KG of eggs

    There are no hidden fees! You only pay after the agreement is in place.

  • Changes in General Terms and Conditions #

    EggsTrader may change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice, but will always notify users of our platform by email. Our conditions are transparent to everyone.

  • Does EggsTrader determine the asking price? #

    No. The EggsTrader platform brings provider and buyer together. The provider determines the asking price.

  • I have a comment about EggsTrader #

    We appreciate it if you share criticism and feedback with us. You can do this by sending an email to or use our contact form.

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