EggsTrader provides a simple and safe way to sell your eggs for a truly fair price. Worldwide.

EggsTrader in a nutshell

Sell your eggs directly. For the best price.

With EggsTrader you can trade eggs in your country and abroad. We guarantee the best price. It’s safe and easy.

Doing business swift and safe

Doing smart business with EggsTrader. You’re in charge of your eggs. You demand the price and are fully aware of the business conditions. Both parties trade directly with one another, so no surprises.

The easiest way to trade eggs abroad

A simple and safe way of doing business at home and abroad. In your own language. The trading policies are clear for all. Transparent, that’s how we like it at EggsTrader.

Why EggsTrader?

We provide a new way for trading eggs. With EggsTrader you will expand the reach of your business and receive a better price for your eggs. Buyer and seller work on transparent conditions.

EggsTrader helps you do business in your home country as well as abroad. Always in your own language.

You are your own boss and in charge of what you offer. Large quantities that stretch for a whole laying period or a few dozen of eggs? Selling or buying? Simply put out your offer and be ready to make a deal.

Once the other party agrees, the deal is concluded. EggsTrader then takes care of the payment details in a safe and easy manner.

EggsTrader facilitates de transaction between seller and buyer. This means: doing business on a user-friendly platform that will safeguard the anonymity of its clients. Your personal details will never be shared with a third party.

When a deal is concluded, the other party will see only the necessary information for you to close the deal completely (i.e. the payment and transport).

A user account on EggsTrader is free of charge. There are no strings attached.

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